MIMESIS – some anthropotechnical notes

MIMESIS – some anthropotechnical notes is a project that interweaves the languages of dance, video and sound. It connects them in the most intimate way possible, crossing the imitation dimension. What is more mysterious, in the universe of the body, of its capacity to re-present, through epidermal metamorphoses or transformations, the surrounding reality or an imaginary reality? What happens when we absorb reality? When we become moreWhere is the public when he is the mimesis?

Directed by Pietro Marullo

Video: Giulio Boato

Sound: Jean-Noel Boissé

Lights: Julie Petite-Etienne

Costumes: Noemi Knecht

With : Anna Herkt, Pietro Marullo, Maya Peckstadt and Charlotte Plissart

Production: INSIEMI IRREALI Company(ITA/BE)

Financial help: Théâtre de la Balsamine de Bruxelles