Italy Immigrant Riot

Tents are seen inside an abandoned factory turned into a dormitory by migrant workers in Rosarno, near Reggio Calabria, southern Italy, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010. Hundreds of migrant workers, most of them Africans, went on a rampage Friday, in Rosarno, in a second day of rioting, with authorities reporting at least 37 wounded, including 18 police officers and five migrants. The clashes in the volatile area had begun Thursday, when two migrants were wounded by pellet fire. Thousands of migrants move to the area each year to help with the seasonal fruit harvest. Living in improvised dormitories, including abandoned factories and huts, they earn as little as €20-€25 ($30-37.50) in a dawn-to-dusk work day. Often without work permits, they do jobs many Italians shun, despite chronic underemployment in the poorly developed south. (AP Photo/Carmelo Imbesi)