One of the things I miss most in my life is brotherhood. I rarely felt “safe” in groups of men, at school, at work. This is explained by looking at my personal journey since my childhood. And I am grateful, Life brought me where I could face this, with beautiful meetings and open heart people.

I therefore invite you to explore with me this dimension of fraternity, our vulnerability and our strength, to discover how it carries more presence and awareness in our lives. And how much this is very important to build authenticity in front of our lives, as well as the others, and the planet.

For me, a circle of men starts with at least three people sitting with an intention around a fire.
I am calling brothers to join me in this walk in the darK.
I am calling my brothers to show up with their own questions, advice, doubts, desires, stories, shames, joys.
I am calling you to share your experiences, to meditate together, to do some physical explorations of the archetypes around male energies, rituals of transformation, artistic co-creation activities, eating together.

We are vibrating instruments.

If you feel a call, please, reach me here

If you feel that you don’t want waste your time sitting with men around a fire, you are probably the ideal brother we are looking for.

If you think that this cercle could be interesting for others, do not hesitate to share.

With love